First Impressions in Digital Communications

With millions of companies fighting for the precious inbox space of users everywhere, a pattern begins to appear and it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd. The same messages and ideas are replayed over and over again in front of the customer’s eyes, leaving them null to new ideas and less likely to show interest in a repetitive theme. To break this vicious cycle, the companies seeking this space must stand out from the crowd during their first impressions by providing unique content that catches their eye. The first impression that a company makes on its consumer will determine their future business.

Each recipient in your mailing list is a unique person. Everyone that receives a message has a name and would love it if their emails reflected this. Put the consumer’s name on the top line and introduce yourself as a company that they are going to love. This shows an individual concern for the customers as well as acknowledging that you value the support they have provided. A company that has this bond with its customers from the very beginning will have this bond until the very end.

You need a schedule for your mailing list and it’s important that you stick to it each and every mailing period. Your readers will be ready to get their favorite messages on time and when you start changing the schedule, you will lose the programmed advantage. When your readers are primed and ready at the same time each week, you know that your site will reflect these numbers via the people who follow through the links. Changing the schedule spreads these numbers across the calendar and may catch some viewers when they aren’t interested in following through.

Recipients have preferences that are unique to the total average. Change your mailing campaign and email approach when the majority of your audience shows a certain opinion, preference, or dislike. On the smaller scale, allow each recipient the ability to customize their transactions and the communications that they receive. Emails are capable of various HTML goodies that make the experience more enjoyable and visually pleasing. At the same time, additional information, offers, or responses may be a possible selection.

Even when the readers are happy with what your messages have to offer, the email clients may automatically flag your company as spam. Ask your recipients to mark your address as a safe sender, causing the email client to overlook the screening process and always allow your messages to breakthrough. Of course, you should be careful with what you send to these trusting customers. One message too many and they won’t hesitate to mark you as “spam sender”.

There is a very small amount of space available inside the consumer’s inbox. These recipients already use this service for personal and professional needs, making the remaining room for marketing campaigns rather small. A business only has one opportunity to show that they are willing to put forth the effort and keep their recipients satisfied. Use these guidelines to make your first message reflect these same qualities and your recipients reflect this same satisfaction.