Simple Email Marketing Concepts

While most of the email that crosses the Internet every day is spam, there is plenty of good content going around through this medium as well. With a little good planning, you can use this tool to keep in contact with your customers and improve your repeat business. Combine the knowledge in this article with your unique perspective on your business to create a successful campaign.

Be sure to make your emails feel personal. There are simple programs you can use in order to insert each person’s name into your emails to them. This will help separate your message from the massive amounts of spam they get every day. When looking at a full inbox, anything that contains the customer’s name will jump right out at them. While it won’t necessarily complete the sale for you, you won’t be able to sell anything if you are not able to attract the reader’s attention.

Give your customers a reason to make a purchase right away. In the business, this is known as a “call to action,” and it should be part of every sales pitch. By encouraging people to make a decision right away, you reduce the chances that the customer will change their minds or forget to make a purchase. Look at the advertising you receive to see how this technique is used.

Steer clear of purchasable email lists unless you have extra money you want to just throw away. While you will be able to build a large list very quickly through these methods, the quality of the list will be very low. That means that while you may have more names and emails, each one will be significantly less likely to make a purchase. Building your own list means that you will only have people on it that are actually interested in making a purchase.

Time is money, and you do not want to waste your customer’s precious time. In general, people spend a few seconds deciding whether or not to open each email, so you need to make sure yours are consistently worth the effort. Make sure each email is short and concise.

While some people will enjoy a weekly email from you, others will not be so interested. It will take some extra programming, but allowing customers to choose how many emails they receive from you will be greatly appreciated. You should always give people the option to unsubscribe, but giving them this additional option makes people feel that they are in control, which in turn will make them more open to your message. You can set up schedules for weekly, monthly, or important updates only

Generating a successful email campaign is more than just writing a great slogan. You need to have a plan and technology in place to get people on your list and make the most of this opportunity. Use these tips as a base for designing the first plan. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so make adjustments as necessary and get started today.